Where Are these Poets and Writers?

Each month, CWW sends acceptance notices 
to participants of various CWW anthologies.  
Invariably, many are returned marked, 
"Address unknown," or 
"Moved, no forwarding address."

CWW is holding acceptance notifications 
for the following.  If you know the whereabouts 
of the writers or poets, please let 
them know to get in touch with CWW.

Kevin Anderson Chrissy Alcorn Regina M. Arterburn Beatrice Blattstein Colleen A. Casey Jessica Doty Llarghim E. Espinoza Sarah Fout Laura Griffiths Craig Havens Farida Hossain BCS Johnson Emanuel Mekwunye Kathleen Lee Mendal Yasmin Mistry Amber Mitchell Megan Murphy Amber Ozga Michael B. Ratcliffe Gale Riding Emily Sigurdson Martha Street Marcus Suesz Brittney Vasquez Shelly Ann Warren Donna R. S. Womack

Whose Responsibility Is It?

When an author forwards a manuscript to an editor,
it is the authors responsibility to inform the editor
of any changes in the status of the manuscript--if it 
has been accepted elsewhere and published--as well as 
of any change to the author's address.

CWW Thanks you...

...for keeping the CWW editors