Hints for Submitting Manuscripts in 2016!

1.  Type your manuscript in standard font (E.g., Times New Roman, Helvetica).  Remember the publisher's typist has to be able to read it.  Don't use fancy fonts.
2.  Type your manuscript in font size 12 or larger.
3.  Double space.  Don't type your prose in single lines.  hard to follow for typist.
4.  Proofread manuscript.  Consult spelling checker, dictionaries, thesauruses and other source books.
5.  Pay attention to similar words.  Know their differences (to lie/to lay; then/than; there/their; to send/sent; etc.)
6.  Watch out for tenses.  Dont switch tenses, unless there is a reason for it (E.g., flashback)
7.  Watch out for who (the subject) and whom (the object); same with I (the subject) me (the object).
8.  Don't switch the telling of your character through one character after another.  Stick with a viewpoint character, through whom the reader experiences the story.
9.  Follow a publication's guidelines.  Every publisher/editor has a different set of guidelines.   Know for whom you are writing.
10.  Be in control of the English language.  Know when and how to use the standard form, when and how to use slang or dialectal variations.
11.  Know what your editor wants.  (Read some of the back issues to get an idea.)
12.  When you submit your manuscript, always include a SASE.


We write for the reader, something the reader would like to read.  We do not write for ourselves, something we feel the reader should know about ourselves!