Why do the 2016 CWW editors say...

???Enjoy the English language, life and the world around you???

--English is a beautiful language, use it to express what you would like to share with the reader. Make sure words exist; --CWW receives too many manuscripts that deal with the sadness of life, with death, and with a whole variety of violence. The reader is tired of these; Give joy to the reader. --Poetry and prose can effectively be used to express the enjoyment of life and the world.

???Look at everything from a different perspective???

--Almost everything has already been reported on and written about. Use the old, write it differently, and the reader will say, WOW!

???Be less descriptive???

--Too much description only bores the reader.

???Be less dramatic???

--Being too dramatic makes the reader snicker at your work and toss it aside.

???Use words wisely???

--CWW receives too many manuscripts where words were chosen just because they rhyme, often they don't even exist. There is no meaning to the poem or for that matter to the story. Make sure, every word adds meaning to the poem, or every word is nee- ded for plot development of your story.

???Let the reader experience a story or poem through a viewpoint character???

--A good writer allows a viewpoint character to draw a reader into a story. The reader will experience the story along with the viewpoint character. Switching from one character to another, only confuses the reader. The reader stops reading. There goes your story. What is a viewpoint character? It can be a protagonist--the leader of the story; or an antagonist--the one against the leader of the story. It can be written in the first person; or in the third person; or even as the omnis- cient--the all-knowing--narrator.

!!!Remember: We write for the reader. We do not write for ourselves or because we feel we need to write. Always ask yourself, "Will the reader be interested in what I have to say?"!!! Also remember CWW's guidelines. Poems should not exceed 20 lines and 46 characters per line. If they do, a poem is rewritten as prose. Prose should not exceed 800 words, if it does, it is either shortened or published in parts or returned to the sender in the SASE.


In 2016/2017, twice a year, CWW will select the three best WRITING TIPS sent to us during the previous publishing month, and will publish them! To send us your tips, send SASE or international coupon to: CWW P. O. Box 223226 Carmel, CA 93922 USA Thank you!