What do the 2016 CWW editors edit?

They edit::

--Typos and incorrect grammar. --Tense agreement. --Verb and noun agreement. E.g., the family is here (is correct) the family are here (is incorrect) the family members are all here (is correct) each family member are here (is incorrect) each family member is here (is correct) --its vs. it's "its" is possessive; e.g., The child's ball rolled away. Its ball rolled away. "it's" is a contraction; e.g., It is a nice day today! It's a nice day today! --your vs. you're "your" is possession; e.g., Your book lies on the table.(the book that belongs to you lies...) "you're" is a contraction; e.g., You are here. You're here. --to lie vs. to lay (two different verbs) "to lie" is an action carried out by the subject; e.g., I lie down. "to lay" is an action a subject does to an object; e.g. I lay the book down. --too many "then"s and too many "would"s are taken out. --too many "very"s are removed. "Would" is replaced with the past tense of the verb. "We would go here" is rewritten as "We went here."
--Length CWW has a 20-line, 46 characters across a line length limitation for poetry. Anything longer than 20 lines and 46 characters will be rewritten as prose, or lines will be merged.. --Prose instead of poetry Poems that are more a piece of prose writing are relieved of some of their wordiness. Prose has an 800 word limit. Anything longer will be cut down in length or published in two parts, Part I and Part II or in more parts.. --Passive voice is changed to Active voice --Titles Titles are given to naked poems and prose unless it is a Haiku. --Unnecessary violence is taken out. --Sensationalisms are not accepted or toned down. Same with attacks on other nations or nationalities.

Have fun being creative in poetry and prose writing in 2016/2017 and submit. Thanks!