To qualify for  the Eclectics’ prizes, guidelines must be followed

1.  Focus:  TheEclectics furthers creative writing in 
beginning and established adult poets and writers.  Adults must be 20 
years of age 
or older.
2.  Language:  English only; will accept translations by a 
native English speaker from another language.  All manuscripts will 
be edited by TheEclectics editor.
3.  Manuscripts:  Typed or legibly written, double-spaced 
(short shorts), one poem per page, 1-1/2” margin on all sides; name, 
home address, verification of being an adult, top left on every page; 
pages numbered.  Do not fax or E-mail manuscripts.
4.  Length:  Poetry:  20 lines or less, no more than 46 
characters across any line;  Short Shorts:  maximum 800 words, 
excluding title.  Note:  Shorter poems/short shorts have a better 
chance, if of quality.
5.  Format:  Title poems (except haiku); do not indent each 
line differently, nor put a single word on a separate line, unless it 
is a language-art piece and poem is a graphic depiction.   Title 
short shorts, use standard font, double space.
6.  Style:  Poetry:  any.  Folkloristic tales and such:  any.  
Folkloristic research:  use latest MLA Handbook for Writers of 
Research Papers, Theses, and Dissertations.  Short Shorts:  Quality 
writing.  Do not include brand names, names of companies, movies, 
television shows, etc. in short shorts and poems.  THE ECLECTICS is 
not their sponsor.
7.  Content:  TheEclectics prefers poetry and short 
shorts containing no violence of any nature, no over-preoccupation 
with death, no racial slurs or preferences, no pornographic material, 
nor current sensationalism.  Proofread content, verify punctuation, 
use words that exist.
8.  Cover Letter:  Manuscripts must be accompanied by cover 
letter or the CWW standard submittal form, stating name of 
author, home address, status of being an adult.
9.  Multiple Submissions:  Are not accepted.
10. Previously-Published Manuscripts:  Are not accepted.  If 
of folklore nature, will only be accepted if permission of reprint is 
11. SASE (self-addressed-stamped envelope with sufficient postage 
plus 2 oz. postage for THE ECLECTICS material):  Must accompany 
all manuscripts and correspondence.  Rule:  No SASE, very delayed to 
no response.  Manuscripts and correspondence submitted without SASE 
are generally destroyed at end of month submitted.  Note:  a self-
addressed envelope without postage is not a SASE.
12. Query:  Is preferred.  TheEclectics does not 
publish self-contained books.  TheEclectics publishes 
anthologies four times a year, according to specific length (see 
13. Copyright:  CWW Publications.  After publication, 
rights revert back to author for submission elsewhere.  
TheEclectics requests a credit line be given to 
TheEclectics for having published the item first.  Content and 
graphics submitted must be copyright-free or a copyright-clearance 
statement must be included.
14. Evaluation: Manuscripts are read by TheEclectics 
staff or guest readers.  Folklore items are read by guest scholars of 
folklore.  TheEclectics editors take the readers’ and 
scholars’ suggestions into consideration when further evaluating 
manuscripts.  All manuscripts are subject to be edited without
approval of the submitter, to reflect the 
standards of TheEclectics.  TheEclectics offers 
suggestions how to improve the short shorts/poem.
15. Reading Time:  One month after deadline. Therefore, first 
notice might come several months after submitting.  It is the 
writer’s responsibility to notify TheEclectics of any changes.
16. Payment:  Writers published by TheEclectics receive 
a 20% discount on every copy purchased of the issue containing the 
writing; on orders of ten copies or more, there is an additional 10% 
discount.  Note:  A poet or writer does not have to order a copy to 
get published.  There are no tear sheets nor free copies.  
Manuscripts and graphics accepted are not returned.  (Byline—name of 
writer/poet, city and state—given with poem/short shorts.)  Best of 
the Month writer receives US $10 and one free copy, runner-up 
receives one free copy, Honorable Mention receives honorable mention 
in the respective issue of TheEclectics.
17. Contract:  No contract is issued.  A statement of 
publishing intent is forwarded on the acceptance notification, at which 
time a writer/poet may withdraw manuscript within a given time.
18. Publications per Annum:  one to two TheEclectics for 
adults only.
19. Market/Readership:  Family, libraries, universities, 
editors, physicians, political and religious leaders, shut-ins.  
TheEclectics publications are evaluated at trade fairs and 
trade conferences and are presented at book fairs.
20. Editors/Advisors: Editor-in-Chief/Publisher: Brigitta 
Geltrich; Visiting Editor: Bert Hower; Advisor: D.G. Spencer Ludgate.
21. Editorial Office:  P.O. Box 223226, Carmel, CA, USA 93922; 
FAX 831-655-8627 (for fax only, not telephone); E-mail
22. Cost of Issues: Will be determined as we get going. 
(CWW determines when an issues becomes a back issue). New 
Subscription rates are forthcoming.
23. Reading Fees:  Are reasonable and available.  Write with 
SASE to CWW for information and fee, or look for it in this 
24. Check: Make check payable to: Brigitta Ludgate. Thank 

There is a $20 charge for returned checks, marked “insufficient 

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