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Best of the Month 2011/2012!

  • In 2008, this project was put on hold;

    but may be restarted in the future.

    Please read the following to become aware of what CWW

    considers best of the month poetry, prose, language artwork.

    Look at the efforts of writers, poets,

    language-art designer's as they became

    "Best of the Month!" Winners in the past!

  • He or she approaches something old with a new perspective
  • He or she lets the reader experience the writing/poem through a viewpoint character
  • He or she follows CWW's "Guidelines"
  • His or her work needs no editing by the CWW editors
  • Past "Best of the Month" Winners

    Name, Month and Title of Writing

    Nick Torrey, Winner, January, “Big Brother”

    Alese Colehour, Winner a tie, February, “Someday”

    Jahan Shahryar, Winner a tie, February, “Will You Be My Friend?”

    Candace, L. Douglas, Runner Up a tie, February, “The One True Key”

    Danya Nourafshan, Runner Up a tie, February, “The Empty Space”

    Joseph Horan, Winner, March, “A Wonderful Day”

    Kayla Holcombe, Runner Up, March, “Sapphire”

    Alex Beck, Winner, April, “The Wall

    Blake Schmit, Runner Up, April, “People Are People”

    Nick Emanuele, Winner, May, “Caring for Others”

    Adam Riehlman, Runner Up, May, “Anything Is Possible”

    Elizabeth Kapp, Winner, June, “In Front of Me”

    Laura Sutula, Runner Up, June, “Definitions”

    Heather Faix, Runner Up, June, “Night”

    July…CWW was closed.

    Najwa Salam Brax, Winner, August, series of five poems

    James Collins, Runner Up, August, series of two poems

    Donna R. S. Womack, Honorable Mention, series of three poems

    For Viewing sample "Best of the Month" poetry or prose, click here!