CWW in the Year 2016

To further school participation, parents, family members, physicians, ministers (Sunday Schools)in CWW projects, CWW will be offering the following services in the year 2016 for an annual fee of US$250:

--Alert schools/churches/libraries/other automatically of marketing possibilities.

--Alert schools/churches/libraries/other automatically of contest possibilities.

--Introduce your students to what it takes to get published;

--Send acceptance or rejection notices to your students/children regarding the status of their manuscripts- ;

--Offer your students/children an opportunity to read and see the creative writing and language artwork of students/children

from other schools;

--Send your school/doctor's office/church/family a free publication in which the creative writing and/or language art work of your students/children appear;

--Continue to publish anthologies with the creative writing and/or language artwork of students/children from throughout the English-speaking world;

--Offer your students/children an author-reduced rate of 20% discount on any copy up to 9 purchased of the anthology containing their writing/artwork, or 30% discount on 10-19 copies, 40% discount on 20 + copies ordered; and will

--Offer schools and libraries a special rate of 40% reduction on the purchase of 20 or more copies

--Participating schools/churches/libraries automatically will receive a 10% reduction.

Name of School/Church/Library/Family/Other:__________________________________________________

Address of School/Church/Library/Family/Other:__________________________________________________

Telephone #:______________________________ FAX #:_______________________________

E-mail address:____________________________ URL address:_________________________

Contact Person:______________________________________________________________

Title of Contact Person:________________________________________________________

Our school is interested in participating in CWW’s writing program for ___________ # ofyear(s).

Enclosed is a check/money order in the amount of US$_______________________________ made out to Brigitta Ludgate

Submit your application to: Brigitta Geltrich, Editor Creative With Words Publications (CWW) P. O. Box 223226 Carmel, CA 93922 USA


Thank you for enrolling in CWW's writing/artwork program. We hope you will enjoy the subscriptions, our web site and other services we will offer over the coming year(s).


For further information, send CWW a FAX (831-655-8627) or an E-mail (, addressed to Brigitta Geltrich, Editor & Publisher; or visit CWW at its website:


Standard Subscription Rates remain the same, please check or request CWW’s guidelines.