What Will Be New at CWW in 2014?

There will be two types of publications!

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The Publications for 2014 Are:

I.  For adults (20 and over) only:
   1.  theEclectics, deadline June 15 of any year
II. For all ages:
   1.  deadline February 15 of any year
   2.  deadline October 15 of any year

General topics for II. are:
   --Spring Has Sprung; and Fall Has Fallen
Topics will be printed as soon as 100 acceptable manuscripts from 100 separate writers have been received. Guidelines Apply! (See there.)
How to submit: Send manuscript with SASE (self-addressed stamped envelope with sufficient postage) via regular mail to CWW, P. O. Box 223226, Carmel, CA 93922, USA; or Send manuscript with legitimate return E-mail address via E-mail to cwwpub@usa.net. Include full name and legitimate street address and, if child, age of the child when manuscript was written.

Thank you for checking. You did so times.